We are back with another great cyclical poetry project! This time we will take a look at the stars, because we’ll be compiling ’The Pegasus Constellation 2023’, in the Polish-English edition, translated by Izabela Cudzik (Polish-speaking authors) and Magdalena Kapuścińska (English-speaking authors).
The publication will be released, naturally in the Poetariat Foundation Publishing House, in autumn, because this when the Pegasus Constellation is most visible on the firmament of the Polish night sky.
The project is open to adult authors:
a)      both from Poland 
b)     those residing in the European Union.

The publication will be inscribed in the celebration of  ‘The Year of  Copernicus.”

The scope of the subjects of the poems can range from astrology ,through astronomy to aeronautics.

In order to  apply for participation in the latest project of the Poetariat Foundation you must meetthe deadline of the 31st of July, 3 p.m. . Send your poems to the editorial office E-mail:  fundacja.poetariat@gmail.com. You must send:

• 2 poems in english language (key words: meteors, constellations, solar system, the cosmos, the universe, the sky, astrology, planets, zodiac, karmic knots, tarot, astronautics, celestial bodies, Milky Way, galaxy, sun, moon, spaceflight,  celestial beings, esoterics, spiritual development, conjunctions, quantum physics, Pegasus, portals, etc.).  A single oem must not exceed 25 lines!

• 1 short biography (max. 5 lines of A4 format, standard font, size 12)

• 1 portrait photo (good resolution, centered face)

*Due to a  very large interest in the project and a limited number of participants, the editors reserve the right to select only the works that are most suited to the project. Only authors  selected for the project will be notified by e-mail.

** Participation in the project is payable in the amount of € 100. The  prize includes a package of 5 copyright copies (with courier delivery in UE) and the translation of the works with a biographical note into Polish or English.

***the list of successfully qualified participants will be published at the beginning of August

2 thoughts on “Recruitment for the  ‘The Pegasus Constellation  2023’anthology: Polish-English edition has started!

  1. Zgłaszam udział do antologii Gwiazdozbiór Pegaza 2023
    Grażyna Cylwik

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